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TGI Fridays, formerly stylized as T.G.I. FRiDAY’S and operating in the U.K. as FRIDAYS, is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining. The company is owned by TriArtisan Capital, a New York-based private equity firm, that purchased the company from Sentinel Partners in October 2019. The name is asserted to stand for "Thank God It's Friday", although as of 2010 some television commercials for the chain have also made use of the alternative phrase, "Thank Goodness It's Friday.

Back on 2013 a costumer wrote for Tripadvisor about how TGI fridays simply sucks: Brought my child here for dinner on a Sunday...was left standing at the door to be seated for 10minutes very poor service wings were cremated ...chips (very few) were burnt .overall poor service at a high price ..never again


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Former Employee - Host says

"Work you to death Doesn’t care"

Former Employee - Server/Hostess says

"The management suck! Managers lack communication, organization and interpersonal skills! It's all management! They take out their frustrations out on workers when their horrible management causes the resturant not to perform well. You get abuse from all sides! Customers, co- workers and management! Everyone is taking out their emotions on you! They work you crazy long hours and pay you way below mininuim wage because you get tips. Tips aren't as great because the poor management causes most customers not want to tip. The company is too cheap to do anything proprely. Also, the place is disgusting."

Current Employee - Server says

"Manger’s coworkers customers the pay the smell"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything. Management, the food, they way they don’t care for their employees. The regulars are the worst people I’ve ever met."

Former Employee - Server says

"Filthy, poor management, poor clientele"

Former Employee - Kitchen Manager says

"Just about everything needs improvement"

Former Employee - Server/Bartender says

"You're never doing enough according to corporate. A meeting will be at 8-9am when the restaurant closes at 3am the previous night. Customers complain about everything because TGI recipes suck. On an evening shift, you'll get off no earlier than 1am on a quiet night."

Former Employee - Bartender says

"Revolving door of hiring andquitting"

Current Employee - Bartender says

"Everything. This is a bad place to work at"

Former Employee - Restaurant Manager says

"no structure and lack of organization"

Line chef, pot washer, maintenance. (Former Employee) says

"I worked for a year as a line chef, started as a dish washer, and the place was just dreadfull, management didn't care and worked specific people to the bone, I was doing 60 hour weeks and when I tried to get my hours reduced they straight up refused, they pay what they want, my younger and less experienced co worker was paid about a pound more than me ph, front of house have an easy time however, they prefer them under age partly because my line managers were pervs but also they can pay them less, they normally only work 8 hour weeks but make ridiculous tips and never stop complaining, seriously screw tgi' life out of workmanagement suck"

Waiter - Part Time (Former Employee) says

"1. Free food on shift if you worked over 12 hours 2. 50% off food for you and 2 of your friends 3. Very flexible schedule especially for someone studying at university There are that many negative aspects of working within TGI Fridays, that If I were to write them all it will take me a whole day. Let’s just focus on the key cones. 1. Management guys you are terrible. If anyone consider working for TGI Fridays please for god sake don't even think about it!!! This job made me depressed! I was lively full of energy and I loved the life, but when I joined TGI everything has changed. Managers were awful! From day one they will give you no support/please don't suggest on whatever is being written on their website cause everything is a lie! After two weeks you will be asked to run your own sections and if you make one mistake you will be either fired or disciplinary punished who does that!! If you decided to ask managers, why you got punished they will smile and walk away from you making you feel miserable. People who worked at TGI knows how horrible front of staff are - they are rats - snitches - 2 faces people - never trust them!!! Workers at Tgi will do everything to get promoted into team leader and then assistant Manager. The worst thing about it is that every day managers will see snitches in their offices saying stuff about others. I am asking you guys now - how can you work in the environment where you always know that what every you say/ do will be listened by a person beside you and then used against you? If you are ready to get depressed, then please feel free12 hours or 10 hours"

Line chef (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for clock in for shifts but get paid for less hours but no one takes responsibility. 6 restaurant managers in 6 years. progression only if someone already works in store and promotes you. Senior managers don’t have the skills to do their jobs and spend their time in the office or outside on a cig break. Lots of discrimination to non English staff. Want so much from you but give little backNonePoor unsupportive management, poor pay, poor kitchen cleanliness, serves rotten veg"

TGI Fridays, sauté cook (Former Employee) says

"Hate hate hate these asholes. Dont work here. Just go work at McDonald's, you'll get more respect and have better pay. "All you can eat" is stupid. Just stay awayNoneEverything. Just terrible ☹️"

Service Manager II (Former Employee) says

"Would never recommend working there. As a manager you should be valued and respected. Your other managers should work with you as a team and I did not have any of these and more. I never had a sense of belonging. I got real sick and not once did they care I was still working 100 hours a week."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"The TGI Fridays I worked for was horrible the management favored people and allowed them to not do their job. It wasn’t a fair place to work, I wouldn’t recommend."

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"This place is now shut down for bankruptcy reasons, However, the managers were the worst and didn’t know how to control their business. I got minimum wage and got treated like a child."

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Terrible and filthy place to work. Don't believe me? I was a server and bartender at TGI Friday's for almost 2 years. What a waste of time and effort. If you plan on having no life, then work here. If you want flexibility, decent paychecks, progression to better positions, spare time outside of work, and at LEAST one day off a week. Don't work herenon-existentbad management"

Assistant General Manager (Current Employee) says

"They hired me as a " bandade" kept me for 4 months told me they were downsizing and terminated me with severance pay. The D. O was very unprofessionalNonEverything about the company"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, terruble pay, just all round terrible. You can be really poorly and nobody cares, can get injured at work and nobody cares. Just avoid."

Door Host (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn’t recommend working here at all they treated me so badly whilst I was pregnant I was never allowed to sit down or have enough breaks they never did any sort of risk assessment for me.NoneEverything"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't work here.The front of the house managers play favorites but the back of the house is where you want to end up way better atmosphere. During my stint there it wasn't much a pleasant experience."

Prep Cook/Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"When it was corporate it was a very good place to work you had paid vacation Healthcare you had help with hardships you had overtime pay now they only offer a paycheck if you work that week."

Line Cook (Former Employee) says

"They dont care about Their workers, I got fired for following my managers instructions, their always understaffed and tries to punish you for having emergencies . Easily one of the worst places I worked, and they have a roach infestation"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"No employee get treated fair , over worked never got a raise in a year , management takes advantage of you, if you would get treated the way you really deserve for everyone it wont be a bad place to work maybe change management overall management that cares that's all"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"2 weeks no contract broke licencing 3 times, did nothing once reported to other manger Steak fell on floor still served by manger Underpaid overworked"

Server/Bartender (Former Employee) says

"The management didn’t care if didn’t come to work or if you did and the kitchen and front dining was horrid me i was never so embarrassed to work for a company like that"

Chef (Former Employee) says

"They support Spanish people in my work then other people. They have Spanish people more money and more hours. When you asked for more money they lie to you."

Host/ Bartender/Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Worst chain ever worked for 14 years they dont care about anyone but themselves main goal for them is money no caring about the employees at all strictly buiessness"

Bartender/Server (Former Employee) says

"This place cares nothing about it employees. It's incredible how much the managers dont want success for the company and the wellness if the employees."

sharon hoggard says

"Doesn't even deserve 1 star. We where sat af the table and handed a menu . I had to ask was there a sheet missing has there was hardly nothing on it ! I asked where was the pasta and she pointed out the linguini. Thats it? What's with the limited choices TGI ? We used to go to TGI regularly. I understand there a pandemic, but to cut back on food choices ?? I won't ever be setting foot in another TGI again."

Matt Davies says

"I would like to put a formal complaint in regarding discrimination against our family. We came to TGI Fridays Halifax on 06/09 as a family of 7 the host spoke to the manager Michael Wates and we were told that due to company policy we are not allowed to sit on the same table. We were broke up 3 on one table 4 on the other but complete opposite day and were told not to socialise with our family on the other table by the manager Michael Wates. 1 hour later a party of 8 girls came in to the restaurant and were allowed to sit on 2 tables of 4 next to eachother by the same host who had to speak to the manager regarding our family of 7. I was told by Michael that this was agreed by another manager but clearly coronary policy differs through different managers and is not trained out properly. I do not understand how us as a family who live in the same household have to sit 2 tables apart but a group of friends from several households are allowed on 2 tables next to eachother! Discrimination!!!!!!!! Reply from TGI’s: Good Morning Mr Davies, I am very sorry that you feel that you were treated unfairly on your recent visit to TGI Fridays. We currently have a maximum table size of 6 people, and have taken many of our tables out of service in order to comply with Social Distancing Policy. I can appreciate your frustration as a family of 7, but unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this rule in order to be fair to all of our Guests. I can see that you were sat on 2 tables of 4, across from each other, whilst the girls were sat on 2 tables of 4 with a table in between. Both of these options adhere to our policy, which is for the benefit of our Guests and our Team and we encourage everyone to remain at their tables as much as possible. I hope that this helps to explain our position, as we expect these rules to be in place for sometime whilst we all strive to keep the virus under control. So now the manager has clearly lied as he knows what he has done is wrong also has provided head office with false information the other people were sitting in a table next to eachother with not table in between and they must of been about 2fkkt away from eachother. Disgusting behaviour from TGI’s also the staff didn’t all have face masks on so if I catch anything I’ll be taking this further. Maybe there lie about that as well!"

Neal Mangan says

"My experience at Fort Kinnaird was awful. Girlfriend is pregnant and she was unwell shortly after she had her chicken. I contacted this restaurant to let them know this, and I was refused a refund because I couldn’t prove she was unwell. Absolutely terrible and will never, ever be going back. In fact, I’ll be actively asking friends and family to avoid also after this experience. Could’ve happened to anyone, but happened to my girlfriend who is nearly 9 months pregnant. Good work TGIS !"

Josephine Dixon says

"We where too black for tgi was ignored overcharged raw food cocktails no alcohol contacted head office ignored if your black don’t go to royal exchange tgis in Manchester you will be ignored managers a liar all of them disgusting attitude even head office ignore you made complaint on social media ignored proof that what I personally experienced was true I was too black ??????"

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